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    InstantTimeZone - fuso orario zona del mondo

InstantTimeZone - fuso orario zona del mondo

Software freeware che mostra in tempo reale (vicino all'orologio) il fuso orario di un'altra zona del mondo.

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Very usefull to keep contact with people in other country, know their time before you call them (as expat or for buisness).
To see a online flash demo 'how to use' this software, just click here.
Can synchronize your computer's clock to an atomic time server (by internet), even if you don't have Windows XP or more.

Time zone
Time zone
decalage horaire
Display full date and time
Al passaggio del mouse, viene mostrato l'orario (completo di minuti), con un commento o la data.

Puoi lanciare più istanze di InstantTimeZone allo stesso tempo, con un colore diverso, per visualizzare diversi fusi orari (occorre installare più volte il programma in cartelle differenti).


accedere alla schermata delle opzioni Per accedere alla schermata delle opzioni,
clicca col pulsante destro del mouse sull'icona
(nella systray).

Configurazione fuso orario Per la configurazione,
scegli la differenza (positiva o negativa),
e un commento.

configuration alarm alert reminder You can setup alarm (alert) for reminder
(ex: for not forget a meeting).

(click for enlarge)
Choise color by hour
You can change color by hours.
(click for enlarge)

fusi orari nel mondo- Puoi vedere la mappa dei fusi orari nel mondo.
- InstantTimeZone è freeware.
- Software in italiano, english, french, portuguese, brasileiro, spanish, norwegian, danish, finnish, swedish, romanian, poland, japanese, thai, chinese, occitan, hebrew, arabic, russian, czech, greek, indonesia, tagalog (filipino), deutch (Germany) and dutch (Nederland) (click here for other languages).
- Puoi utilizzare InstantTimeZone su Windows 7, Vista, XP....
- Automatic internet updates by UDS-Update.exe.

    Download version (3.05E)
Download 'InstantTimeZone-US' English, arabic.
English Arabic
Download 'InstantTimeZone-WEST' Français, italiano, spanish, portugues, brasileiro, deutsch, nederlands, norsk, dansk, suomi/finish, svenska.
French Italiano Spanish Portugues Brasileiro Deutch (Germany) Dutch (Nederland) Norwegian Finnish/suomi Danish Swedish
Download 'InstantTimeZone-EAST' Polski, romana, russian, cesky, greek, hebrew, chinese, japanese, thai, indonesia, tagalog (filipino), occitan.
Ploska Româna Russian Cesky Greek Hebrew Chinese Japanese Thai Indonesia Tagalog (filipino) Occitan

If not start, please download new (zip) version here (10/2016)...

Get it from CNET!

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    Recent improvements
- Versions before 8 mai 2006, under (2.06B) : to use many InstantTimeZone at same time (for show times of many / multiple timezones) : need many installation (setup) in different directory   (just have to change name of shurtcut in startup before second install).
- Versions before 3.0 : no time synchronize by internet. Only on Windows XP :
    For synchronize your computer's clock to atomic-time server, just configure Windows XP :
    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date and Time > Internet Time >
Tick 'Automatically synchronize with internet time server'.

    Other informations
InstantTimeZone is free, but donations will be gratefully received :
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